Writing Samples

Published Books

These two books are written for a young adult audience:

Going Through Puberty: A Girl’s Manual for Body, Mind, and Health

Going Through Puberty: A Boy’s Manual for Body, Mind, and Health

Physician Education

A few of the articles I’ve written for “The Rheumatologist,” the feature physician magazine of the American College of Rheumatology:

A Historical Look at the Categorization of Lupus as a Systemic Disease

Rheumatologists Treating Patients with HIV Face Treatment, Diagnostic Challenges

The History and Future of Anti-Citrullinated Protein Antibodies

Granulomatosis with Polyangitis Rates and Outcomes

HSCT for Severe Autoimmune Disease

Patient Education

What are Biosimilar Treatments?

HLA Typing

Triggers of Eczema Symptoms

Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders

Physician News

I enjoy writing medical news articles and writing for medical conferences, such as this piece written for the American Academy of Pediatrics conference:

Endocrine Disrupters: How Can We Protect Our Children?


Highlight for the Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation originally written for Rare Disease Report:

Advocacy Spotlight on Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation