What I Do

My specialty is educational writing, writing that explains topics in a clear, approachable, but accurate way. This includes explanatory materials for patients and writing geared to health professionals. Possible projects include patient education articles, student education writing, medical conference coverage, medical society magazine items, and other physician education products. I also sometimes collaborate with busy physicians as a co-writer.

I write across the biomedical sciences, but I am particularly interested in autoimmune diseases, rheumatology, neuroscience and neurology, and genetics. I also enjoy writing about the intersection of medicine with broader historical, social, cultural, and emotional contexts. I have a long-standing interest in mind/body medicine, as explored by some forms of complementary medicine, and its underlying complex physiology.

I write only high-quality, readable, well-sourced material. I provide rigorous, thorough editing and reliably professional products. Through close communication with clients, I ensure that products are delivered on time and to specification. I’m happy to discuss the details of your project to see if my skill set matches your needs.